Monday, February 23, 2009


(me looking stupid with my skincare products)
I am a huge believer in good skincare. Using the right products for your skin is even more important then what makeup your wearing. I remeber last year when my skin was really bad. REALLY bad. I dont have acne, but I got some awful zits and my skin was always itching and red. Above all that, it was super oily. I (stupid as always) thought I had oily skin and used products for acne/oily skin. My zits and oil didnt go away and I used stronger and stronger products. All that happend was that I got allergic reactions all the time. Stupid- I know.
One day my mom took me to Kiehls in Stockholm, close to where I live. The girl in the shop was really nice and said I have to use products for sensitive skin. So I bought the Gentle foaming cleanser, Cucumber toner and ultra facial moisturizer(wich I think Pinkiecharm uses).Expensive, but my lovely Mom helped with the cost. After 2 weeks my skin cleared up and all the allergies i had went away. YAY!
I am using the same stuff right now, still works great. I dont have perfect skin, but it is a lot better then a year ago. You get a lot of product from one bottle, I recently had to buy a new set up of them. Me like!
My mom uses Kihels too, and her skin is sensitive as mine and shes really pleased with it. So I really recommend their skincare. No, I dont work at Kiehls, thank you.
Anyway, I have a question, do you have a good tip on a budget facescrub? Please, dont recommend StIves, they dont sell it in Stockholm. Let the Tips BEGIN!'


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