Monday, February 23, 2009

Pluslash- a review

Mac Plushlash review

On MUA Macs Plushlash scored a 3.9 rating. Some call it "HG-mascara", some call it good. Personally I cant decide.
I bought it thinking it would be superduper amazing. But the first impression i had was that is somewhat hard to apply. I tried wiggle it trought the lashes and "swirl" it trought. I ended up with thick and a little longer lashes. But also with rakooneyes. Normally I almost never end up with catching the skin when I apply mascara, but with plushlash I it was horrible. And now almost 2.5 months later, I sill have that problem. Not as bad as when I bough it, but still catching the skin all the time. I dont know if it is me having small lids or what, because I used to use Diorshow that has a massive brush and never having that problem. I think it is hard to apply anyway. But the results are good, it does wolumize.
It doesnt smudge to bad, just a little throught the day. So the staing power is ok.
Overall Plushlash is pretty god, you just have to learn how to use it. I dont know if I will buy it again, but it is totally decent.

Do you have a tip about an inexpensive mascara or maybe you know a diffrent way to apply plushlash, let me know!


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  1. I also use this & it's a little difficult. If you hold the brush up, you'll notice that one side has short bristles while the other side has longer bristles. I first use the short bristles to add volume & then I use the longer bristles for lengthening. I then comb the lashes out. I haven't really mastered this, but I think it works ;-)