Monday, February 23, 2009

Another beauty-blog, like theres isnt too many?

Well, this is a little welcome for my new blog! Maybe I should start by telling some about myself... Yes, I did get some inspiration in my blogadress from Check her out now, shes awsome!

Im a 16year old girl(Cherryblossom92-duh) living in Stockholm. Im a figure skater on my spare time and hanging out with mates as all teenagers do in my age. But my little obssession in life is beauty. Unfortunatly everybody I know only care about boys(So do I, so Im not better), fashion and being invited to the right parties- so I have nobody to talk beauty to. So I dicided to start a Makeup-blog! I read to many beatyblogs and hang out way to much at MA(to scared to share my opinion FYI) and Youtube, so here it goes!
About beauty brands that I love and hate, I have a love-hate relationship MAC. Why? They like the taste of my wallet.
Unfortunatly we dont have many brands in Sweden, like Nars, Urban Decay, Shu Uemura, Benefit and Covergirl. So I wont do many reviews on their products(and that sucks btw).
Somebody will ask why my name is Cherryblossom92, and its because of Macs lipglass in Cherryblossom-that I love!

I havent really dicided exactly WHAT this blog will be about, but atleast beauty, so enjoy and I see you soon!
kisses from Louise- aka Cheeryblossom92

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